07 August 2014

Adamstock – Aug 23, 2014

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AUG 23, 2014
Sun, Snow & Our Show Presents ADAMSTOCK 2014
Date: Saturday, August 23, 2014
Time: 12:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Lamont Recreation Grounds
4844-49 St, Lamont, Alberta
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We are often inspired,moved and changed by the stories of individuals who are forced to face insurmountable obstacles in their life. Adam Cripps is one of these people. At 15 years of age, Adam has beaten cancer three times already. The cost of those battles was the loss of his bladder, prostate and left leg and yet Adam has remained an active teen for most of the last 7 years. He biked, camped, snowboarded and tried to live a relatively normal life until July 2013.



On July 17th, 2013 Adam was diagnosed with cancer a fourth and final time. He has terminal Stage 4 Colon cancer. It has metastasized in his lungs, liver, and bones. Adam was told he only had 2-3 months to live without any treatment. With treatment they predicted 10-12 months but all of those months would be in and out of hospital getting chemotherapy. At the young age of 14, Adam decided to try a small amount of treatment, just to give him a little more time to say his goodbye’s and live out a few last wishes and dreams along the way.



We would like to invite you to celebrate Adam’s courage and strength as he continues to battle cancer and be a part of his 16th birthday party on August 23th. To participate in this event is to help make one of Adam’s dreams a reality. Adam loves Boonstock and music and we are going to throw him the best birthday party we can and continue the tradition of Adamstock. This event has helped raise funds for the family as they make the most out of the days they have. It is Adam’s wish that Adamstock continue as a sustainable event to help raise funds for families in similar situations. In that regard, the Alberta Cancer Foundation is working with Adamstock to ensure that vision becomes a reality. All proceeds from Adamstock 2014 will go to the Adam’s Army Fund. This event is dedicated to youth with cancer and the families that are there through the battle.



Details: ADAMSTOCK 2014
Date: Saturday, August 23, 2014
Time: 12:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Lamont Recreation Grounds
4844-49 St, Lamont, Alberta
(Site donated by the Town of Lamont)



Stage Schedule



Time Slot Artist Genre
12:15-12:45pm TBA TBA
1:00-1:45 TBA TBA
2:00-2:45 TBA TBA
3:00-3:45 TBA TBA
4:00-4:45 TBA TBA
5:15-5:45 TBA TBA
6:00-6:45 TBA TBA
7:00-7:45 TBA TBA
8:00-9:00 TBA TBA
9:00-10:00 DJ & Fireworks



We are putting together a full day concert with 10 bands, acoustic acts and DJ’s with full concert sound and light. We already have donations of tents, a bouncy castle, cotton candy machine, 2 x flat deck highboy trailers for a stage, 2 x 20 kilowatt power plants and are still looking for additional volunteers and donations to help make this a reality. The initial event in 2013 was put together in 10 days and we expect Adamstock 2014 to be bigger and better. Any help or donations you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is this a family friendly event?
Yes! This is an all ages family friendly private event.



2. Is there a cost?
Yes! There is a minimum $5 mandatory donation to cover the costs to throw the event and ensure funds are raised for this worthy cause.



3. Is there re-entry?
Yes there is re-entry but due to limited parking and the logistics of the site we ask that you limit this as much as possible. Please plan to come for the day and stay for the day. We encourage car pooling to reduce parking issues.



4. Is there a beer gardens or liquor allowed?
No. This is still a family friendly liquor free event for this year. We may change this in future years but do not have the resources to do a beer gardens etc this year.



5. Where can we get food and drinks (non alcoholic)?
There will be a variety of food vendors on site. You can also bring your own food and drinks on site.



6. What about washrooms?
There will be porta-potties or portable washrooms on site.



7. Is there parking?
There is parking available but we ask that you car pool to reduce parking issues. There is no cost for vehicles that are helping with carpooling.



8. How we help with the event?
We need help promoting the event, sharing it on social media, volunteering on site that day, and help with donations for the actual event of products and services.



Final Notes:
What to bring:


Please dress for the weather and be sure to bring your chair/blanket to sit on, sunscreen, hats, small backpacks,water bottles, cash etc. In case of severe weather we will move the event into the Lamont Arena.



What not to bring:
Alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, bicycles, etc
All guests subject to search.



For more ways to help fight the battle against cancer go to:
Alberta Cancer Foundation